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Bart De Muynck, our Strategic Advisor with a rich 30-year background in supply chain and logistics, explores the evolving landscape of yard management in a compelling piece published on FreightWaves. His article entitled “The Next Frontier in Supply Chains: Yard Vision and Automation” is a deep dive into how emerging technologies are reshaping this crucial but often overlooked facet of the logistics world.

Bart’s insightful analysis sheds light on the pivotal role yard vision and automation play in the supply chain. More importantly, he unveils the transformative impact of AI and Vision Technology in revolutionizing yard operations – a testament to EAIGLE’s pioneering spirit in embracing and advancing these innovations.

The article builds on Bart’s previous analysis titled “The Evolution of Yard Management” and is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and logistics. It intricately dissects the traditional complexities of trailer yards and illustrates how increased visibility is the key to efficient operations.

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