Our vision is to become the world’s most trusted AI enterprise solution provider in the next 10 years


EAIGLE is a human-centric Al company developing enterprise computer vision solutions for the workplace and public spaces to optimize processes, reduce costs and grow revenue. As one of the fastest-growing AI companies in Canada, EAIGLE continues to drive new product innovation and expand its reach with a diverse customer and partner footprint that spans across the Americas and Europe.

Trusted by top-tier enterprises

EAIGLE is honoured to have received recognition from several leading industry associations.

Our Leadership Team

Amir Hoss

Chief Executive Officer

Mahdi Marsousi

Chief Technology Officer

Akshaya Mishra

Chief Science Officer

Mazen Chediak

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Alaei

VP, Sales & Partnerships

Bharath Sekar

VP, Software Development

Karim Khamisa

Senior Director, Operations

Pooyan Screwchi

Director, Marketing

Frank Zaboli

Senior Manager, IT & Production

Ali Sadro

Legal Attorney

Advisory Board

Kurtis McBride

Growth Strategy Advisor

Peyvand Melati

Board Member

Alim Khamisa

CFO Advisor

Ehsan Mirdamadi

Strategic Advisor

We are looking forward to learning your top operational challenges and to explore which EAIGLE solutions align with your AI strategy.