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In an insightful piece featured on, Bart De Muynck, an esteemed industry thought leader with over 30 years of supply chain and logistics experience and a strategic advisor for EAIGLE, delves into the dynamic field of yard management within the logistics and supply chain sectors.

“The Evolution of Yard Management” illuminates the critical yet often underestimated role of yard operations in the supply chain. It also vividly showcases how innovations in AI and Vision Technology are revolutionizing this vital area. The article holds special significance as it highlights EAIGLE’s trailblazing role in championing these technological breakthroughs.

Through Bart’s expert analysis, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of the traditional challenges facing trailer yards and how cutting-edge technologies are set to significantly improve visibility, efficiency, and security in these environments.

For those interested in exploring how advanced technology is reshaping these essential, though traditionally “forgotten,” logistics hubs into key drivers of efficiency, this article is an indispensable read.

Discover the full extent of this transformation and grasp the impact of these emerging technologies in yard management by delving into Bart De Muynck’s article.

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