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Commercial Swimming Pools


EAIGLE’s state-of-the-art AI solutions enable commercial swimming pools to automate their fresh water and chemical deployment based on the movement of people and according to specific instructions in real-time. 

Our Solutions

Swimming Pool Management

Automate your swimming pool’s fresh water and chemical deployment based on the movement of people, and according to specific instructions in real time.

Visitor Management

Automate your visitor sign-in process and gain a peace of mind by collecting entry and exit data for visitors and contractors.

Wellness Screening

Safeguard the health & safety of your employees and visitors by conducting automatic health assessments, including temperature screening, mask detection and wellness screening questionnaire.

Vaccine Verification

Collect and manage employees’ vaccination status online or at eaigle’s wellness screening stations.

Crowd Thermal Screening

Conduct automatic temperature screening for multiple individuals simultaneously to eliminate the need for a manual screening process, save time, and enhance health and safety.

People Counting & Capacity Management

Gain insights into the movement of individuals throughout your facility and manage capacity limits to comply with safety regulations.

Workflow Management

Monitor capacity levels and manage workflow to improve facility operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and minimize risks associated with workflow disruptions.

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