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EAIGLE's Product Portfolio

Retail Analytics

Obtain data on inventory levels, supply chain movement and consumer demand to measure performance, improve sales and drive loyalty. Enhance omnichannel engagement, improve store design, measure promotion success, and improve staffing using AI enabled software.

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People Counting & Capacity Management

Gain insights into the movement of individuals throughout your facility and manage capacity limits to comply with safety regulations. Monitor capacity levels and manage workflow to improve facility operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and minimize risks associated with workflow disruptions.

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Visitor Management & Wellness Screening Station

Safeguard the health and safety of your employees and visitors with automated wellness screening and vaccine verification. Detect potential health risks to your facilities using EAIGLE’s AI-enabled temperature screening and mask detection during sign-in.

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Crowd Monitoring Solution

Leverage advanced AI technology to continuously conduct temperature reading and mask detection for your employees and visitors as they enter and exit the facility. Rely on automated video surveillance and real-time notifications to alert you to any issues 24/7.

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The Command Center

Intuitive software. Better insights.

The comprehensive solution that enables you to manage your facilities and make data-driven decisions.



Manage your people, processes and assets on a single platform.



Gain peace of mind having complete insight into your premises at any given time.



Make smarter decisions by leveraging cutting edge AI technology.