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EAIGLE is a human-centric Al company developing enterprise computer vision solutions for the workplace and public spaces to optimize processes, reduce costs and grow revenue.


The Problem

Businesses lack the ability to identify and measure inefficiencies and breaches in their operations and facilities. The size of the problem we are solving is US$400B In losses, across Canada and the US.

Our Solution

Our technology helps businesses measure and identify how they use their resources and space and where breaches happen, all in real-time, to help them make decisions and take immediate actions that lead to cost savings and reclaimed revenue.

What's unique about EAIGLE

Hardware Agnostic

Our AI works with existing and third-party devices and processors.

Superior AI Accuracy

Our AI analyzes data from multiple sources including optical cameras, Infrared and Radar sensors.

Optical, IR, and Radar Feed

Our AI is designed with distinctively accurate logic protocols in processing input data.

EAIGLE Industry Portfolio

Visitor Management & Wellness Screening Station

Safeguard the health and safety of your employees and visitors with automated wellness screening and vaccine verification. Detect potential health risks to your facilities using EAIGLE’s AI-enabled temperature screening and mask detection during sign-in.

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Crowd Monitoring Solution

Leverage advanced AI technology to continuously conduct temperature reading and mask detection for your employees and visitors as they enter and exit the facility. Rely on automated video surveillance and real-time notifications to alert you to any issues 24/7.

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The Command Center

Intuitive software. Better insights.



Manage your people, processes and assets on a single platform.



Gain peace of mind having complete insight into your premises at any given time.



Make smarter decisions by leveraging cutting edge AI technology.


What our customers are saying

Operation is all about knowing how much money you are making every minute and every second. What are your downtimes? What are your bottlenecks?... we had to find out what was a better approach to doing this, and that is when EAIGLE stepped in, and we started using the system for body temperature monitoring. And now we have it on every entrance, everyone coming through, they scan for the temperature and whatnots.

Hyder HasadDirector of Manufacturing, Celtrade Canada Inc.

When the pandemic started, we were using just a hand thermal gun to check our employees and verbally asking the questions. As this pandemic continued, we realized that this is going to be a new way of life, and then we needed to implement technology to help speed up the process and provide a seamless entry system for all employees. With that, we purchased the EAIGLE system.

David BabcockPlant Manager, Spinrite Inc.

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