Recreational Water Management Solution

COVID Medical Clinic Screening System

A touchless infection and prevention control screening questionnaire integrated with a virtual queuing system to promote social distancing,  space management and enhance guest experience.

Healthcare workers in Canada and around the globe are among those hit hardest by the pandemic. They’re working non-stop to help fight complications of COVID-19 and save lives, as more and more patients become in dire need of safe and efficient medical care. 

Full waiting rooms filled with sick patients make it tough for clinics to enforce social distancing measures. Both patients and medical staff are at risk of close-contact interactions, and healthcare workers become stressed with the increasing care load 

Our COVID Medical Clinic Screening System is custom designed as a contactless, mobile-friendly smart solution to simplify patient flow and make appointments even more accessible.  

It functions as a personalized online registration system capable of facilitating a remote and touchless customer experience for busy service areas, all while adding an extra layer of coronavirus screening through our automated COVID-19 screening questionnaire.   

How it Works

Covid screening questionnaire for Medical Clinics Step 1

Step 1: Book Appointment

Click our digital link and fill out the required information on our online form. Patients can select their doctor’s name and date of appointment on the form. 

Covid screening questionnaire for Medical Clinics Step 2

Step 2: 24h Reminder

Worried about forgetting your appointment? Our system will remind patients of their bookings 24 hours before appointments via SMS text or email, so you never have to miss your time slot. 

Covid screening questionnaire for Medical Clinics Step 3

Step 3: Pre – Appointment COVID-19 Screening Assessment

Patients will need to complete EAIGLE’s COVID-19  screening questionnaire before their appointment to declare their health status  prior to seeing their doctorThe assessment will be sent hours prior to their booking.  

Covid screening questionnaire for Medical Clinics Step 4

Step 4: Our Queue Takes the Reins

When patients are queued on the day of their appointment, our system will notify patients via SMS or email when they are allowed to proceed to the clinic room.  

Until then, waiting rooms will remain empty and uncrowded as patients remain comfortable in their vehicles or homes. 

Expandable Technology

Learn more about how our COVID screening questionnaire system can help you implement a seamless, fully automated screening process to digitalize your business and streamline operations

Touchless Process

Helps mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through no-contact screening questionnaire and queuing management process. 

Patient Satisfaction with EAIGLE

Patient Satisfaction

Enhance customer experience with immediate alerts using real-time notification and provides a simple, easy wait experience.
Staff Efficiency with EAIGLE

Staff Efficiency

Improve administration efficiency and optimize management process.
Health Code Compliance

Regulation Compliant (no waiting rooms)

Waves patient waiting times, and allows for social distancing measures.

Digitize Documentation

Digitize Documents

Online record-keeping helps fast-track document processing and coordination of patient data

Customizable Questionnaire

Change our assessment questions to personalize your screening requirements

Our frontline workers are important to us. Let us help you tackle the challenges of COVID-19 in your clinic, and ensure a safe and efficient patient journey.

Learn more about how our solution is designed to fit your clinic needs.

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