Recreational Water Management Solution

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Integrate a digital COVID-19 screening questionnaire system as part of a strong active screening process. 

EAIGLE’s COVID-19 self-assessment feature is known as a self-analysis, self-declaration or self-questionnaire system that helps visitors and employees declare their health status upon entry of a workplace or facility.  

 Our screening tool can run using one or a combination of methods that utilizes online, voice-communication or manual fill-ins via tablet technology. Information is stored through our secure cloud system or on a physical hardware component.  

 Help employees get back to work with a transparent, easy and effective declaration and management system.  

How our Solution Works


Step 1: SCAN

Gain access to our online COVID-19 questionnaire by scanning the unique QR code or copying the website link into your browser.



Provide the needed information and answer all questions. Questions are generated in compliance with local health guidelines and can be tailored according to organization preference and requirements.



If the subject answers NO to all of the screening questions, they’ll be allowed further entry onto the premises, where additional screening can take place. If the subject answers YES to any of the screening questions, they will not be granted access to further entry.


Step 4: VERIFY (Optional)

A QR code is generated and sent to the individual’s email, along with a copy of their questionnaire. The QR code is scanned at the next stage of our screening process for additional access.

Streamline operations with data analysis

Review and analyze COVID-19 self-assessment methods and other data on our secure online dashboard to optimize operations and streamline active screening procedures.   

 Learn more about how our COVID-19 questionnaire system works with our operational solution to create a fully automated screening process.  

Key Benefits

Reduce Outbreaks

Help Mitigate of Outbreaks

Screen employees and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms, identify those with suspected cases and effectively contact trace to mitigate outbreaks.  

Digitize Documentation

Digitize Documentation

Keep information securely stored on our cloud-based system or our physical hardware for easy access and reference.  

Save Time

Uninterrupted Traffic Flow

Reduce traffic interruptions and waiting times by providing a combination of ways that people can complete their self-assessments.  

Save Time

Save Time

Save time administering manual COVID=19 self-assessments forms – our system automatically instructs the subject what to do in the case of a pass or failed questionnaire. 

Analyze Data

Data Analytics

Analyze which type of self-assessment method is most popular and efficient for employees or visitors and optimize operations.

Expandable technology

Expandable Technology

Expand and further enhance business operations as we innovate new features. 

Free COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

With the support of the Canadian government, we’ve been able to successfully get our COVID-19 solutions and screening technology in the hands of people who need it most. Now, it’s our turn to give back.

Starting on Nov. 10 until the end of 2020, EAIGLE is giving our online COVID-19 screening system for free to government, health-care, non-profit, nursing and long-term care sectors. 

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