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Thermal Scanner

Thermal Scanning

Screening body temperatures is one of the leading ways to detect suspected cases of COVID-19. Although thermal scanning is effective, traditional thermal scanning methods such as handheld thermal scanners, healthcare professional temperature checks and outdated thermal cameras can be costly, inefficient and prone to error.   

EAIGLE uses artificial intelligence and computer vision software to detect an individual’s body temperature with a high degree of accuracy. Our no-touch temperature checker screens for a customizable fever threshold, with a minimum 99.3°F or 37.5 °C body temperature, then alerts security personnel and the individual if a high temperature is detected. Our software allows visitors and employees to be scanned non-invasively, automatically and without the assistance of humans, making the COVID-19 screening procedure automated and easy.   

Speech Technology

To help with the COVID-19 self-declaration process, EAIGLE utilizes speech technology to allow for a contactless procedure. An individual can go through the COVID-19 questionnaire with two-way voice communication technology that can be programmed to suit the organization’s preferred language.  

Mask Detection Feature EAIGLE key features

Mask Detection

Mask-wearing compliance is crucial for proper infection prevention and control policy. However, dedicating employees to oversee mask compliance is not only costly and time consuming, but can be prone to error and a waste of labour efforts. 

EAIGLE offers a non-invasive and automated way to screen individuals in and out of crowds for masks being worn. If an individual is detected without a mask, security personnel will be alerted to address the issue, while those with masks can continue to move freely onsite. 

People Counting EAIGLE key Feature

People Counting

Occupancy thresholds and space management is important when it comes to reducing outbreaks, ensuring health and safety and keeping workplaces and buildings open. In traditional settings, people counting is often left to staff to oversee, leaving room for error and a reduction in efficiency, time and resources.  

EAIGLE automates the people-counting process with artificial intelligence and computer vision software that automatically counts people in a given space. In real-time, count how many people are in the vicinity without disrupting traffic flow, invading privacy or wasting employee time and resources. 

Data Analytics EAIGLE key Feature

Data Analytics

Buildings are prone to inefficiency and high costs that are often unknown to management and staff. Without proper data reports on how energy is being used, who is taking up facility space and what traffic patterns look like, business optimization is hard to achieve.  

EAIGLE offers data analytics and reports that compile information gathered from our video analytics and space occupancy software. Through our people counting, HVAC optimization and traffic flow analyses, EAIGLE offers organizations key information needed to streamline operations and cut down on unnecessary costs. 

Customize Questionnaire EAGILE Key Feature

Customizable Questionnaire

Questionnaires are often utilized as part of security protocol and infection prevention strategy.  

In many places, COVID-19 self-assessment forms are mandatory in order for businesses and organizations to operate and get people back to work.  

EAIGLE’s customizable questionnaire system streamlines the self-declaration form process by offering voice communication, tablet access, or mobile phone connection as contactless ways to submit a form. Forms are organized and saved on our secure cloud system, for the organization to refer to.  

Privacy Compliance EAIGLE key Feature

Privacy Compliance

In the age of data and cybersecurity, privacy is more important now than ever before.  

 EAIGLE offers safe and secure methods of storing and accessing data for company use. Organizations have the flexibility to choose if their information is stored physically onsite or digitally on a secure cloud system, allowing the safe use of data within company guidelines and protocols. No facial recognition is performed with any of our features, ensuring personal identity remains intact. 

Integrable System

Integrable System

Security and smart analytics software often come separately. This not only makes it harder to review and compare data to inform business decisions, but it’s also an inefficient way to optimize operations. 

EAIGLE’s AI and computer vision-powered software can be integrated onto any existing camera and security system. For a fast and easy security, crowd monitoring and space analytics software, EAIGLE combines all essential tools into one holistic system.  

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