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After a successful past year of tremendous growth, EAIGLE, a Canadian company using computer vision and artificial intelligence for crowd monitoring analytics, is proud to announce that it has closed a seed funding round led by Archangel, a Canadian angel stage investment fund based in Waterloo, Ontario. 
In 2020, EAIGLE achieved   annual growth of more than 2000%  and  increased its workforce by more than 100% to 17 employees, a direct result of its quick pivot to COVID-19 solutions. 
This funding will help EAIGLE become the pioneer platform for COVID-19 screening in public places and workplaces across Canada, accelerate market expansion in the U.S., and hire the talent needed to keep up with the market demand.
The Archangel fund is comprised of venture capitalists and industry experts from the Toronto-Waterloo area that aim to accelerate the transition of Canada to an innovation economy, with a specific focus on nurturing COVID-19 responders, green technology, smart manufacturing and health sciences.  
Archangel saw the response EAIGLE had to the COVID-19 pandemic and has pledged to invest in EAIGLE and help scale EAIGLE’s business and solutions. Archangel will help EAIGLE innovate, grow and expand past current achievements into continuous and high-level growth.