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TORONTOApril 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Canadian

companies EAIGLE and DataRealm have partnered to deploy EAIGLE’s advanced crowd monitoring and thermal screening technology to help long-term care homes (LTC) in one of the hardest hit regions of COVID-19.

“The elderly and care home staff are among the most at-risk people experiencing high levels of stress and exposure to COVID-19 during the pandemic,” said EAIGLE Inc. CEO, Amir Hoss. “Crowd monitoring provides a strong foundation in safety monitoring and infection control in the facilities where we care for loved ones.”

It’s no secret that Ontario’s older population have been subjected to much of the brunt of the deadly pandemic; as of December 12, 202063% of all COVID-19 deaths in Ontario have come from LTC home residents. From the communal nature of nursing homes, and the round-the-clock care needed for older adults with underlying medical conditions, consistent COVID-19 outbreaks amongst staff and residents continue to pose a threat to vulnerable elderly care facilities.

Managing crowded spaces, infection symptoms, and facility traffic flow is an integral step towards controlling and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. By optimizing occupancy data within long-term care homes, limiting occupancy into facilities by tailoring prevention control that fits different community needs, and screening staff and visitors that enter these facilities, facility management can enhance the application and oversight of resident care and reinforce infection prevention and control practices.

“Crowd monitoring in the WindsorEssex area, especially since it’s been one of the hardest-hit regions by COVID-19, will be crucial in bringing the visibility and traffic control we need to prevent new outbreaks in long-term care homes,” said EAIGLE’s Area Manager, David Howatson.

EAIGLE has partnered with DataRealm, a local tech company in Windsor, ON to support long-term care homes with its essential crowd monitoring and thermal screening technology, developed from EAIGLE’s advanced AI computer vision software. Residents in care homes will be screened in high-traffic areas and in numerous locations daily with an efficient monitoring system that seamlessly integrates into daily routines and tasks in facilities. The system eliminates the inconvenience of laborious manual symptom checks and screening, providing care workers the capability to easily manage crowd sizes and emerging threats in facilities that house the elderly.

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