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Canadian tech company EAIGLE announced today the release of their fully automated COVID Medical Clinic Screening System to streamline patient registration and staff efficiency in medical clinics and healthcare facilities across the globe.

The pandemic has put a strain on healthcare systems, with patients flooding in sick with COVID-19, in addition to having to treat patients like the elderly and cancer patients already immune compromised. Facilitating patient care in medical clinics and public health institutions quickly and efficiently is key in ensuring patient care is done safety and quickly. EAIGLE’s COVID Medical Clinic Screening System gives large clinics the software to smoothly automate patient flow to enable social distancing, monitor the risk of COVID-19, and eliminate manual processing of patient files and documents.

Using advanced smart technology, EAIGLE’s screening and queuing management system grants institutions the flexibility to schedule patients remotely, while seamlessly integrating additional health and safety measures by assessing patients through their virtual COVID-19 screening questionnaire. EAIGLE’s scalable operating systems are designed to easily accommodate service support, including consolidating into hospital management systems and integrating with existing healthcare software.

“We wanted to help medical clinics manage large volumes of patients while dealing with potential COVID-19 outbreaks,” said EAIGLE CEO, Amir Hoss. “At EAIGLE, we’re determined to help healthcare institutions overcome the stress of patient management, and bring comfort and flexibility in busy waiting rooms.”

Patients will first book an appointment through a link provided by EAIGLE. Once an appointment is booked, EAIGLE’s registration system will send an SMS or email reminder 24 hours prior to their appointment. Four hours before their booking, patients will then be screened through EAIGLE’s easy-to-use, COVID-19 mobile screening assessment to assess patients for symptoms of COVID-19, which their system will provide via a link sent remotely through SMS or email. On the day of their appointment, patients will be virtually queued and be able to wait comfortably in their cars, or at home until they are notified through our system that the doctor is ready to see the patient.

EAIGLE has developed their high precision AI and computer vision technology over the past year to prioritize supporting businesses and corporations to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Through advanced crowd monitoring systems, they have developed innovative solutions in the form of thermal screening, space optimization technology and mask detection to protect workplaces and facilities, and continue to be a key player in bracing institutions for the fight against COVID-19.

“Our system is a safe and secure scheduling tool that takes away a lot of the stress and pressure from medical staff,” explained Hoss. “It gives healthcare workers the tools they need to elevate patient experience, while being ready to continuously adapt to health and safety regulations.”


EAIGLE is a Canadian software company that aims to offer cost-efficient and automated crowd monitoring, space optimization and video analytics technology to help organizations in all industries protect, secure, and monitor their facilities and ensure fast and effective operations. Based in Markham, Ont., EAIGLE has risen within the Canadian AI tech scene to help engineer smart buildings and facilities while cultivating valuable customer experiences. The company’s growth has seen extensive global reach, fostering strong partnerships across the world with companies like ActOn and DataRealm.

If your company or institution is looking to be equipped with contactless queuing solutions, contact the EAIGLE team at or visit to learn more about how their smart solutions can help you make easier decisions. See their LinkedIn page here.