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“We recognize the growing need to protect workplaces and public spaces via a flexible and automated solution that is reliable, easy to implement, and scalable.” said, Amir Hoss, EAIGLE’s CEO.

“This is why we have designed a platform that’s in line with current market expectations but can easily evolve to meet the needs of a dynamic landscape,” Hoss added.


Governments are making concerted efforts to reopen cities and businesses while new threats continue to emerge. As new variants of COVID-19 are detected, leveraging technology will be vital to ensure a smooth return to normalcy in the workplace.

EAIGLE’s Digital Vaccine Pass is a proof of vaccination platform that enables governments and organizations to verify vaccination status at scale. It empowers users to upload their proof of vaccination online or scan it on-site at EAIGLE’s wellness stations through a touchless and automated process.

To learn more about EAIGLE’s Digital Vaccine Pass, visit:


EAIGLE believes that collaboration with its clients is imperative to new product innovation. Working with our partners has given us unique insights into the needs and challenges of organizations across industries as they design new processes to safeguard their workplaces. Our first wave of loyal clients and innovation partners has helped shape the product development process for EAIGLE’s visitor management and wellness screening solutions. We used the same approach to design EAIGLE’s Digital Vaccine Pass Platform. By engaging with our clients, we’ve been able to validate many product assumptions and ensure a market-ready platform at launch.


EAIGLE is a leader in artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, designing next-generation solutions to address the most complex challenges faced by a variety of industries. From streamlining operational processes to creating the technology layer for smart buildings, EAIGLE’s technology helps public and private sector organizations make smarter decisions that enable them to future-proof their operations.

Since the start of the pandemic, EAIGLE has been working with organizations to mitigate disruptions at work and in public spaces in the fight against COVID-19 in an effort to maintain business continuity. The company’s deep expertise in AI technology is underpinned by a commitment to high-quality software development through constant innovation and investment in R&D, automation, training, testing, and support. Today, EAIGLE is one of Canada’s fastest-growing AI companies, with a customer footprint that spans across North America.

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