COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Free COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

With the support of the Canadian government, we’ve been able to successfully get our COVID-19 solutions and screening technology in the hands of people who need it most. Now, it’s our turn to give back.

Starting on Nov. 10 until the end of 2020, EAIGLE is giving our online COVID-19 screening system for free to government, health-care, non-profit, nursing and long-term care sectors. 

A touchless COVID-19 screening procedure

Let us help you keep your facilities safe during this time and beyond. Screen employee and visitors and store information securely using your choice of QR code, manual fill ins, or a hybrid of both to optimize your operations. to this: “Optimize your operations by digitally screening employees and visitors using your choice of QR codes, website links, manual screening forms, touchless voice recognition or a hybrid combination of those four methods. We’ll take care of the rest and securely store the data for your reference and use.

How it Works

Our free package generates a QR code or unique website link that enables the visitor or employee to complete the COVID-19 questionnaire on their mobile phone. Our system can also be installed on a programmed tablet, allowing the subject and our system to communicate by voice control or touch screen. 
The questionnaire uses questions outlined in provincial guidelines and recommendations and can be tailored to add additional screening questions.
If the subject passes the screening questionnaire, they’ll receive an email with a unique reference code that can be used to confirm valid entry to administration and security personnel. If a person fails the screening questionnaire, results will show that they are unable to enter the premises.

Plan & Pricing


$0 USD


No charge for government, health care, non-profit and front-line sectors.

100,000 emails per year

50,000 screenings per year


$750 USD


10,000 emails per year

5,000 screenings per year


$1,750 USD


60,000 emails per year

25,000 screenings per year


$4,750 USD


250,000 emails per year

100,000 screenings per year


$9,750 USD


Unlimited emails per year

500,000 screenings per year

Ultimate Solution

Unlimited emails per year

Unlimited screenings per year

Want to know more about our COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire solution? Talk to one of our executives.

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