COVID-19 Operational Solution

EAIGLE’s industry-leading computer-vision Artificial Intelligence platform is a unique solution to various and ubiquitous commercial facility operation challenges. EAIGLE’s current offering enhances the health and safety of the public during the COVID-19 crisis.

EAIGLE’s AI platform connects to a camera. It will then begin to count people in defined zones. It detects and flags those with abnormally elevated body temperature. EAIGE’s AI solution for Remote Crowd & Body Temperature Monitoring Mitigates the Spread of COVID-19. As proven by research, elevated body temperature is the most common symptom in COVID-19 infected persons 

EAIGLE solves problems related to Space Optimization, Occupancy Control, People Counting, Monitoring Human Body Temperature and more. EAIGLE drastically improves associated costs in managing and maintaining physical space, minimizes time-wasted with human capital monitoring and helps save energy. Some of our areas of expertise lie in verticals such as CRE, Distribution Centres, Recreational facilities, Retail, Manufacturing, and Green  Farms. 

Key Features

One Platform

  • One Asset (Camera) for Multiple Applications, 
    Powered by AI 
  • Total Hardware, Software & Cloud Platform 
  • Scalable & Expandable Modular Platform
  • Fully Autonomous
  • Quick Installation

Crowd Monitoring

  • Crowd Safety Management Platform
  • Real-Time Crowd Monitoring System & People Counting  

Public Health
& Safety

  • Continuous Real-Time Body Temperature Monitoring   
  • End-to-End Space Monitoring for a multitude of customized metrics

Unique Features

EAIGLE offers a solution and not a product. 

Full-Body Temperature Detection & Monitoring  

Capable to scan and monitor large crowds of people instantaneously 

Integrated Multi-Camera Coverage System 

Remote access dashboard allows management to see live status of their portfolio 

How It Works

EAIGLE Crowd Detection & Monitoring solution is a quick and efficient way to monitor large crowds and detect elevated human body temperatures in high traffic areas. EAIGLE is autonomous. Once EAIGLE is installed it will quickly provide an instantaneous capture and reading. EAIGLE’s solution is a quick and non-invasive way of surveying large crowdof people and flagging those with a higher probability of being infected by a virus for further monitoringEAIGLE does not diagnose!  

EAIGLE is a hardware-agnostic platform that adds various layers of Machine Learning to enhance accuracy. The system uses AI to monitor numerous cameras at once, seamlessly captures, counts people and monitors everyone’s body temperature in realtime, in the camera zone. Next, it will automatically alert the task-force personnel if it detects someone with an elevated body temperature.

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EAIGLE’s is a tech company based in Toronto and Waterloo in Ontario that offers industry-leading computer-vision Artificial Intelligence platform with unique solution to various and ubiquitous commercial facility operation challenges.


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