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EAIGLE is a human-centric Al company developing enterprise computer vision solutions for the workplace and public spaces to optimize processes, reduce costs and grow revenue. As one of the fastest-growing AI companies in Canada, EAIGLE continues to drive new product innovation and expand its reach with a diverse customer and partner footprint that spans across the Americas and Europe.

What's unique about EAIGLE

Hardware Agnostic

Our AI works with existing and third-party devices and processors.

Superior AI Accuracy

Our AI analyzes data from multiple sources including optical cameras, Infrared and Radar sensors.

Optical, IR, and Radar Feed

Our AI is designed with distinctively accurate logic protocols in processing input data.

The company we keep

Solution Use-cases

Watch The Solutions In Action

Vehicle Access Control Solutions

By leveraging existing security cameras, our AI scans trailer and truck numbers, license plates, driver’s licence and more to automate the vehicle access control process.

Our solution tracks the trailers inside the yard and sends you an alert in case the trailer is not parked at its designated destination.

Early Smoke Detection Solutions

Using existing security cameras, our AI sends you alerts when smoke is detected and before smoke sensors are activated.

Our customers love this solution because it helps them avoid work interruptions and potential fire damages.

Hidden Object Detection Solutions

Our AI technology leverages radar sensors to send you alerts when hidden objects or firearms are detected anywhere on people’s bodies.

Our customers love this solution because it helps them reduce theft and prevent loss and enables them to act accordingly before an emergency happens.

Office Space Utilization Solutions

Our patented AI tech analyzes anonymous data from cameras, radar, and infrared sensor feed to create real-time heat maps of how people use the office space.

Our customers love this solution because it helps them better understand how to optimize usable office space to maximize the value for their tenants, all while protecting their privacy and safeguarding personal data.

Capacity Monitoring Solutions

Using existing security cameras, our AI can tell you in real-time how many occupants are inside the facility.

Our customers love this solution because it maximizes the occupants’ safety by ensuring no one is left behind during an emergency and helps them avoid potential liability costs.

Public Amenity Space Solutions

Example 1 (Public Washrooms): Using anonymous radar sensors installed inside the washrooms, our AI can tell you when to schedule cleaning crews based on how many people have used the washrooms.

Example 2 (Public Food Court): Our AI uses existing cameras to tell you how the food court is being used, when to dispatch cleaning crews and whether you should spend on adding more seating or remove part of the seating area to add more food outlets.

Retail Analytics Solutions

Leveraging our AI technology and your existing security cameras, we create a real-time heat map based on the movement of people, providing you with actual data on how shoppers move within your store.

Our customers love this solution because it helps them arrange store items based on actual data.

Access Control Solutions

To ensure only the right people get into your facility, we have developed a robust check-in and check-out software housed in a heavy-duty kiosk.

The system automates the registration process for employees, visitors, contractors, and delivery packages. It also scans and validates government-issued IDs.

EAIGLE is honoured to have received recognition from several leading industry associations.

Our Leadership Team

Amir Hoss

Chief Executive Officer

Mahdi Marsousi

Chief Technology Officer

Akshaya Mishra

Chief Science Officer

Subhi Alsayed

Chief Commercial Officer

Alex Alaei

VP, Sales & Marketing

Bharath Sekar

VP Software Development

Karim Khamisa

Director of Operations

Pooyan Screwchi

Marketing Director

Frank Zaboli

Senior IT Manager

Ali Sadro

Legal Attorney

Advisory Board

Kurtis McBride

Growth Strategy Advisor

Peyvand Melati

Board Member

Alim Khamisa

CFO Advisor

Ehsan Mirdamadi

Strategic Advisor

See our solutions in action

Our technology helps your organization reduce risk and protect your employees’ and visitors’ well-being while reducing operational costs and boosting productivity.