Worker Safety is a Priority During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by: Vannessa Balintec

Although a global pandemic rages on, people still need to work. Major adaptations have been undertaken to accommodate workers during this time, such as remote placements, extensive personal protective equipment (PPE), intense cleaning regimens and hybrid on-site and work from home schedules. However, many of us still rely on frontline workers that need to be on-site. Truck drivers, grocery clerks, healthcare workers, maintenance staff – the list goes on.  

Now more than ever, work safety and the protection of privacy is paramount to making sure the spread and transmission of COVID-19 is prevented. In Canada, employees have the right to know, participate and refuse dangerous work. Employers are tasked with informing their employees on the latest guidelines, providing and facilitating safe work environments,  and providing access to resources to help with  employee anxiety and stress.  

Worker Safety is a Priority During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic (3)

Now that we’re well underway the second wave of the pandemic, we could start seeing a trend that emulates the first: once workplaces start to open up once again, Canadians may refuse going back to work. Once we reopen again, we might have to close down, too – which is currently happening in many provinces across the country. Striking a balance between reopening the economy and addressing worker fears icritical if we all hope to get back to the “new normal.” 

During a time like this, every instance can feel anxiety and stress inducing. Without a proper infection and prevention control strategy that includes thermal screening, mask detection, COVID-19 questionnaires, people counting and social distancing monitoring, employees can be left feeling insecure about their work environment. Creating an atmosphere that reinforces peace of mind and safety in the work place is critical to keeping performance, productivity and morale high.  

Originally published Dec 21, 2020 7:00:00 AM, updated December 21 2020

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