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U.S. businesses with at least 100 employees to implement vaccine mandates

Last month, U.S. President Joe Biden called on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to issue an emergency temporary standard (ETS) that would require private businesses with at least 100 employees to put vaccine mandates in place, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Although it wasn’t clear when this mandate was expected to take effect, experts quoted by the SHRM forecasted that organizations would have 30-60 days to prepare.

Under Biden’s new directive, private businesses could also give their employees the option for weekly COVID-19 testing – unlike federal employees and contractors who can’t opt for regular testing instead of vaccination.

This mandate would affect as many as 80 million Americans, according to a Fortune Magazine article that cited New York Times.

But business groups like the Retail Industry Leaders Association want the Biden administration to delay its rule until after the holiday season, lobbying for a 90-day implementation period.

New air travel policy to open borders for vaccinated visitors

The U.S. will launch a new travel system on Nov. 8th that will open borders up for millions of vaccinated international visitors, but the new policy will also make reentry more challenging for unvaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Unvaccinated people will face stringent testing requirements as will rare unvaccinated foreign nationals who are allowed to visit, according to the White House.

The new system will also lift the U.S. travel ban that has been in place for dozens of countries since the start of the pandemic.

More and more organizations need a seamless vaccination status verification system

From Cisco to General Electric, a growing number of U.S. organizations are increasing their vaccine requirements, mandating their employees and visitors to get vaccinated, or provide proof of vaccination as a way of protecting people and reducing the chance of another outbreak.

To check people’s vaccination status at various entry points, an organization’s designated staff member asks incoming people to provide their vaccination proof via their COVID-19 passport.

The passport can be accessed through a print-out document or QR code on people’s mobile device, which makes it easier to transport and reduces the risk of loss.


Quick and simple vaccine verifications enable companies to maintain productivity without wasting time on cumbersome processes that rack up costs.

In the context of the new air travel policy and upcoming vaccine mandates that will affect all organizations employing more than 100 people, U.S. companies stand much to gain by implementing seamless solutions that protect their employees and reduce the likelihood of another lockdown.

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