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Swimming pools oversupply water by an average of 60 percent above the health code requirement. 

Reduce water oversupply 

Health regulators in Canada mandate swimming pool operators to add up to 15 litres of fresh water per swimmer per day. But most swimming pools still rely on manual tracking of visitors. They lack the technology to determine the number of swimmers in their facility at a given time, causing them to oversupply water by an average of 60 percent over the health code requirement. As a result, swimming pools rack up unnecessarily high gas bills to heat water that they don’t need.  

EAIGLE’s solution prevents you from overusing water by identifying in real-time: 

  • The number of swimmers inside the pool 
  • The amount of time each swimmer spends in the pool 
  • Each swimmer’s activity level 
  • Room temperature 
  • Humidity level 
  • Water quality parameters 


AI that helps Prevent Water Overuse in Swimming pools

Maximize water quality 

Protect swimmers and lifeguards from harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs)  

Disinfection by-products (DBPs), formed when chlorine and bromine interact with natural organic materials such as sweat, skin particles, cosmetics and skin oil, can be harmful to human health. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exposure to large amounts of DBPs can result in liver damage and nervous system activity. Other research has shown that DBPs are mutagenic and that inhaling DBPs increases the risk of cancer while causing an unpleasant pool odour. Swimmers and lifeguards are exposed to DBPs by drinking chlorinated water, breathing in air that contains DBPs and absorbing them through their skin during swimming.  

To eliminate DBPs and maintain water integrity, swimming pools must drain existing water while adding new volumes of freshwater. The challenge is determining the exact volume of both to prevent oversupply and save on excessive heating costs. EAIGLE’s Smart Swimming Pool solutions use sophisticated formulas to calculate the exact ratio of water in the swimming pool and the concentration of pollutants so that you can reduce misspend and minimize waste.

Find out the exact volume of chemicals to add to the pool 

Swimmers’ activity levels affect the amount of sweat released – the more intense the activity, the more toxic substances found in the sweat leak into the pool. Pollutant particles also increase the longer a swimmer remains in the water. How can you determine the exact volume of chemicals that must be added in proportion to the number of pollutants in the water? 

EAIGLE’s Smart Swimming Pool solution lets you: 

    • Monitor occupancy: number of swimmers, length of time spent in the pool and activity levels.
    • Predict the amount of sweat and DBP released into the water.
    • Modulate the addition of freshwater and chemicals depending on people’s occupancy and activity level to meet water quality standards.
    • Maintain minimum volume of freshwater to be added in accordance with regulations.

Safeguard swimmers with EAIGLE’s proven drowning prevention mechanism 

Our RGB camera helps you predict hazards and prevent dangerous accidents at your swimming pool by capturing images using biometric authentication and gesture detection. Predict with accuracy if a swimmer is in danger by:  

    • Receiving alerts if a child approaches a deeper part of the swimming pool.  
    • Identifying situations of danger or drowning. 
    • Sending a notification with live video to lifeguards and management in real-time to intervene immediately if needed.  

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