EAIGLE is a Canadian company that has developed a solution to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in essential service facilities, public spaces, hospitals, retail stores, and warehouses using a computer vision platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

At EAIGLE, we enable organizations to: 

  • detect if masks are being worn
  • optimize space and track traffic flows
  • measure the distance between people
  • monitor and count people within crowds
  • measure their body temperatures non-intrusively
  • flag individuals with elevated body temperature in real-time
  • initiate two-way communication between system and suspected case for further COVID-19 assessment

Our solution works without any interruption in traffic flow and helps to minimizes human interaction and risk involved for all parties. Data findings are generated and converted automatically into a report for further analysis, which enables companies to discover actionable data insights and implement sound decisions throughout and beyond this crisis.

Unlike other thermal measurement products in the market, EAIGLE offers a multifunctional solution and not just a product. The AI platform is designed for long-term use, during and after the pandemic, and can help save costs associated with space optimization. At EAIGLE, we believe it’s crucial for businesses to implement the right measures to address workplace health and safety. Let EAIGLE equip your business with the best tools to fight off outbreaks, protect your employees and customers, and keep morale high during and after this time.

EAIGLE is a tech company that offers an industry-leading computer vision AI platform, a unique solution to various and ubiquitous commercial facility operation challenges.


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